Oslo, Norway “Ush-lo”

It’s an interesting time to find lodging in Oslo due to the Fellesforbundet strike. Many of the hotels are closed because of a classic dispute between long hours and low wages. Our hotel was still operating but there were signs throughout that service could be slow due to the strike.


Although I usually think of myself as a good traveler, I had an ‘Oh Shit’ moment when I realized upon arriving to the hotel my sister had not booked rooms for our whole group (meaning her boyfriend and me). In retrospect, I think I missed the memo but c’est la vie, there’s gotta be a solution. After a couple hours scanning Kayak, and negotiating with Airbnb hosts I realized the supply drought caused a surge in pricing and my only feasible option was to bunk up with the couple. Luck took a turn when we found out we had one of the few rooms large enough to fit a cot.. technically a kid cot but better than the floor. Mind you, when we ordered it we were warned we had to put it together ourselves due to the strike… no big deal, but this obviously was hurting the tourism industry. Oslo itself is a beautiful town and if you find yourself as hangry and tired as I was last night head directly to Den Glade Gris. It boasts rare Norwegian craft beer, a pork dish that slow roasts for five hours and plenty of outdoor seating.



Oslo has a constant salty breeze that reminds me of the Pacific Northwest. It’s easy to get by without speaking the language and people are beyond friendly. They are also beyond public displays of affection as evidenced whilst hanging on a pub patio last night (unable to justly describe with words). Streets have a typical European cobbled-stoned style to them but the culture is unique to Norway. I would give yourself a day or two in Oslo before exploring the surrounding towns and natural beauty. Just be sure you book some lodging in advance!



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