Stockholm-Arlanda airport

Travelers beware… Passport control moves at glacial speed in Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Stockholm. When making a connection, give yourself ample time.  It’s difficult to describe where the system went wrong. But I get the sense this airport was primarily serviced by small to mid-range jets and just recently opened it’s gates to the big boys like our Boeing 787. This outdated infrastructure led to a frustratingly slow process from the point of de-boarding to entering the transfers terminal. Mind you, another large aircraft arrived when we did but still this was the most poorly organized customs I’ve seen. Half the time is spent in a stairwell and the other half in a narrow hallway.

Once through this testament of patience, the terminal itself is quite nice. I will warn you, and this may change during your trip but the SEK is not cheap! 3 beers, a basket of 10 wings and a Caesar salad (no chicken) will run about $75. More to come on Stockholm when I return for a few nights on May ,21st. For now it’s off to Oslo to enjoy the outdoors.


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