Hanging with the hipsters of Dallas. And loving every minute

Two weeks ago I managed to make it to Dallas regardless of a thunderstorm cancelling a majority of flights into the area.  It was well worth the travel hassle to see my first childhood best friend get married and hang out other childhood friends.  Sunday brought a nice surprise to my hangover and increasingly hangry travel group when we decided on brunch in Deep Ellum.  Not only is Deep Ellum a popular Texas brewery but it’s an up and coming East Dallas neighborhood.. If you’ve been to New York or Austin, think Brooklyn and East 6th That’s the feel I got from a few hours in the neighborhood. For brunch I strongly recommend DE Armoury. The back patio is covered in long, tall wooden tables, bleachers line the sides and a mural, which was featured in three group photos during our meal, lines one of the walls. The food was incredible and the drink menu was even more impressive. I’ve had my fair share of Bloody Mary’s to combat the Sunday Scaries, but never have I had one with charbroiled squid on the top. My expectations for Bloody Mary’s will forever be raised. Deep Ellum seems to be in the early stages of gentrification and I can only see it becoming more popular in future years.   The crowds as diverse as the brunch menu and it’s surprisingly easy to find a rooftop with a city skyline view. If you ever find yourself in Dallas with a few hours to spare, I recommend making a pit stop in Deep Ellum.

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