A little word vomit to get this started

I’ve got to warn you… This blog is written by someone who has spent the past five years of their career in finance.  Most communication in that industry is focused less on grammar and more on content.  A complete sentence is tough to find in my outlook ‘sent’ box.  I say all this so you have low expectations for proper  grammar.  I am not here to impress you with my intellectual capability or with anything for that matter.  If you do choose to follow this blog I can only promise honest content mostly geared towards travel.  I will be starting a full-time graduate program this Fall and before the schedule fills up I have several countries (and continents) to visit.  In preparing for my travels, most nights I scan internet travel blogs looking for tips on gear, travel accommodations, transportation, sites, etc…  Sure, TripAdvisor has some great content , but I scour the internet hoping to find the occasional ‘road less traveled.’  I’ve found great websites in this search and am grateful to those who take the time to share their knowledge.  I hope to pay it forward by posting the steps I will take during my journey and sharing the good, bad and ugly. If you’re still reading, thanks for staying with me on this less than stimulating post.  I promise it can only get more interesting from here 🙂

Pictured: Calico Springs – Red Rock Canyon, NV

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